Foundational values of alignment that we believe can guide us in establishing a strong and healthy Council.

We affirm that we serve and accurately reflect the will, desires, and needs of We, the Sovereigns fully, and to the best of our individual and collective ability as the Swiss National Assembly.

We affirm that our Swiss National Assembly will act according to the Natural Laws of Humankind, which are built on the affirmation of the Divine Human.

We are all Divine, Sovereign Beings endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights that no person, no being, no entity, foreign or domestic, nor any institution can take away.

We each have unique gifts, skills, and talents to share with our world.

We affirm that as a member, we are sacred and precious human beings striving to serve the Highest Good for humanity.

We agree to meet with one another in a safe place where each voice is respected and honored equally and completely.

We agree that no voice is suppressed or silenced in our Swiss National Assembly.

We affirm that each member will be given the opportunity to freely express their voice, including their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and opinions in a manner that is not intended to be harmful, demeaning, slanderous or injurious to another.

We affirm that we are non-partisan and seek to create a Council of We, the Sovereigns, For the Sovereigns, free of dividing ideologies.