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Restoration Plan Switzerland

Together we are strong to rise above any limit and to reach our true greatness
We co-create life enhancing projects

What We Stand for

We want to work with fellow sentient Sovereigns to create plans and projects for positive change while we nurture Life, Plants, Animals, People, Land, Air and Water.

Dream Plan & Co-Create

The Swiss National Assembly will be working with communities to bring forth many project initiatives into our daily lives. Such initiatives will include, but are not limited to, creating free energy, a holistic health care system, clean water solutions, affordable housing for all, an education system that brings out and fosters the true talents of every individual, a non GMO and secure food supply, regenerative farming and agriculture.

We want to clearly, and transparently, educate the People on the rights and liberties we all were granted at birth. By taking on local problems first, solving them bubble by bubble, we will soon be able to embrace a free and open society of respect and love for one another. We are about caring, sharing and networking. We need to nurture one another through the times ahead and we can only do it by locking arms and building impregnable walls of People power.